Rates starting at 1.5%!

Let us prove why our factoring service is above the rest.

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Rates starting at 1.5%!

That’s right! Factoring fees start at 1.5%! MJN would love the chance to prove why our service is above the rest. Let us provide the funding you need to succeed. Always great rates with clear fees. If you are currently using a factor and are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, we may be willing to pay your current contract cancellation fees to assist in your migration to our services. You deserve the best and MJN will provide it!

Professional Service

With 20 years experience in the trucking industry we know that waiting to get paid can crush your business. Let us help you grow your business by taking the funding problems off your shoulders. Our professional staff will provide the support you need so you can focus on doing what you do best, moving freight! At MJN relationships matter to us. We believe in exceeding expectations in every aspect of our business. When you are successful so are we. It’s what keeps us motivated. We can't wait to work with you.

Simple & Clear Fees

With MJN you get a no-nonsense simple fee structure. We work with your company to design a program specific to your needs. You deserve an honest partner who wants your success as much as their own. That is MJN. Let us build a fee structure that works best for you.

Fast Pay & Invoice Processing

Need your receivables funded today? No problem. Invoices are funded quickly via ACH, giving you the working capital needed to run your daily operations. We can help your business by funding within 24 hours. We always process your invoices on the day we receive them. Get your money NOW and keep your trucks moving. MJN will keep your bank account flush so you can focus on what you do best. Let us put the money you need in your account today!

Factoring Saves Time & Money

We all know how important it is to pay your bills on time. Factoring with MJN guarantees your continued high standing with creditors. Drivers need to be paid, maintenance needs to be done, and unexpected problems arise. Make sure you always have the funds available to deal with these and any other issues. Factoring with us will maximize your profit, allowing you to invest in staff, equipment and much more.

Awesome Features

Rates starting at 1.5%!

Fuel Card
Short Initial Contract
Personal Representative
Same Day Invoicing
Custom Fee Options
Advances up to 97%
Same Day Funding
Exceptional Support
Free Account Setup

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