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Our company was formed in March of 2000. We established it based upon a need in the industry for a more professional approach to transportation brokerage. In an industry with a reputation that has been tarnished by misrepresentations and unfulfilled commitments, we are working hard to develop a brokerage team comprised of professional agents and carriers that will significantly raise the quality of service to customers. Since the company’s inception, it has established relationships with thousands of customers and carriers. We look forward to building the same kind of friendship with you!

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We are committed to providing outstanding support to our agents and the highest quality of service to our customers. These commitments are accomplished by ensuring that everyone who represents MJN conducts their business affairs with the highest degree of professionalism. Here are just a few of the things we offer our Agents.

Fast Commission Payments

Agent commissions are paid weekly based on picked up loads via ACH.

Free Load Boards

We provide free access to industry leading load boards so your loads get moved fast.

Excellent Credit

Our excellent credit ensures that carriers will be knocking on your door to move your loads.

Professional Claims Support

Our professional team has 20 years of experience handling claims as they arise.

Online Agent Load Management

Our system reduces paperwork errors, checks carrier status and provides up-to-date reporting all in real-time.

21 Day Carrier Pay

Carriers are paid promptly in 21 days or less. Not fast enough? We have a quickpay program that carriers can use to get paid faster.

Carrier Advances

Carriers can utilize our cash advance program for fuel or other necessities in order to keep them on the road.

Carrier Quickpay

Our quickpay program provides a solution for carriers who need their payment fast. Invoices and payments to carriers are processed on the same day we receive it.

Carriers Factoring

Trucking companies that need a more hands on approach can utilize our customized receivable factoring program to meet all of the financing needs.


Get the money you deserve with the support you need!

We have individualized compensation plans for our agents based on experience and current customers. You can be assured that our commission splits are competitive with other leaders in the industry.

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